All ‘Konika’ products qualify the strict quality test controls during the various stages of their production.


The In-house production of all our products like the Inflatable Balls, Field Hockey Sticks/equipment , Cricket /equipment, sports bags, sports apparels, & all Track ‘n’ Field products ensure Child Labour Free manufacturing of any kind.


The Production process is monitored from ground level & quality consistency remains our prime concern till the product is finalized. The continued efforts of our Quality Department & strict standards, reflects on the final ‘Konika’ products.


The Quality Control commences at the basic level i.e. by sourcing appropriate materials for the inflatables, synthetic materials & the seasoning of our basic raw material i.e. Wood. The Next stage of control applies to the finishing & finalizing during laminations/reinforcements of the Inflatable ball covers, bladder evaluation tests & logo printings. This is carefully carried out by our seasoned supervisors. The printing of graphic sleeves, decals & stampings is with eco friendly & permanent inks.


The Packaging of shipments ensures the seaworthiness for Ocean/Sea consignments & the Airworthy packaging for all our Shipments by air.


We continuously strive to update our procedures, working patterns & technologies to keep up with the ever changing pace and needs of the World markets.