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General Guidelines Reinforcement Of Sticks

Care Of Your Stick: -

  • Keeping the stick Dry by wiping it after play enhances life. Coating the stick to prevent excess dehydration also helps.

  • Last but not least always carry the stick in a stick case (Stick Bag).

Choosing The Appropriate Field Hockey Stick: -

  • Choosing the appropriate stick in term of length, design (toe shape) & right reinforcement is crucial since this most important piece of Equipment shall impact the player's performance.

  • Usually the standard to chose right stick for an individual can be found out by placing a stick with left foot. Te maximum height (Top) of stick should be 2" to 3" above waist while standing upright.

Choosing The Proper Stick Best Suited For Height: -

Player's Height Length Of Stick
Up to 4' Height 26" Length
4' to 4'.3" 28" Length
4'.4" to 4'.6" 32" Length
4'.7" to 5' 34" Length
5'.1" to 5'.3" 35" Length
5'.4" to 5'.6" 36" Length
5'.7" to 5'.8" 37" Length
5'.9" and above 38" Length


Appropriate Weights of Field Hockey Sticks: -

  • Forwarders : Since this involves swift stickwork, a 'Light Weight Stick' is proffered (19 to 20 Oz.)

  • Mid Fielders : This position needs both to be defensive or offensive at times. Therefore Medium Weight Stick (21 Oz.)

  • Back Position : Being always ready to be in attacking position Heavy Weight Stick (22 to 24 Oz.)

Fiberglass Reinforcement: -

  • For overall length and long life. The 'Fiberglass' application is either in sleeve format or taped on sides.

Carbon Fiber (Graphite): -

  • Provides stiffness & durability, resulting in more powerful hits.

  • Again application is either in sleeve form or taped on sides Epoxy Coated.

Kevlar: -

  • Great or shock absorption & reduces vibration.

  • Applied as sleeve or taped throughout the stick with Epoxy Coating.

Rules of Hockey: -

  • The rules of Hockey are very similar to the rules of Football except that players must use stick instead of their feet to play the ball. There are 11 players on a Team made up of a Goalkeeper, Defenders, Mid Fielders & Attackers. The only player on the field which is allowed to use their feet and hands as well as the stick is Goalkeeper.

The Benefits of Wood Sticks are: -

  • More Mellow feel against the ball allows easier First Touch / Control Skills.

  • More Grip against the ball because the head of the wood stick tends to grip the ball batter.

  • Wider choice of Head Shapes & Handle Thicknesses.

  • Wider choice of Pick Up & Balance Points.

History & Tradition

The Game of Field Hockey dates back to centuries ago when the Ancient civilizations like Nile Valley – Egypt depicted this game being played on their stone carvings & paintings.

The Game was primarily Men's game, lying its origin in England. The First Hockey Club is known to have been formed in Blackhealth (England). The Game of Hockey made its first participation in Olympic program in 1908 London games & again I 1920 at Antwerp. Ever since the game has been a part of the Olympics. Thereafter it gained immense popularity & started to become famous in other parts of the world too.

Field Hockey in India was introduced by the British Army. This popularized the game in other British colonies simultaneously. Late. Indian Gold Medalist Dhyan Chand – also known for his magical performance & striking goals in the hockey field further earned worldwide status & reorganization for Indian Hockey.

The Game since then has graduated from being played on Grass fields to the recent Astroturf. This brought changes in the shape & properties of equipment. The sticks are now made with specific positions in term of their toe shapes, reinforcements & overall construction. The Hockey Balls are waterproof instead of the conventional leather cover for water resistance & to keep up with the peace while playing on Astroturf.