We take pride in introducing ourselves as one of the premier Sports Goods manufacturing houses in India. Established in 1925 in Sialkot, our commitment to Sporting Industry won our parent company the honour of becoming official Suppliers of our products namely hockey balls to the Olympics Games. During Rome Olympics (1960), Tokyo Olympics (1964), Mexico Olympics (1968), Munich Olympics (1972), Montreal Olympics (1976) & Moscow Olympics (1980) the balls were played with.

Our Three Generations working together makes us a Unique Combination of Experience & Expertise.

The major product lines specialized during the early years was Wood Crafted Products namely Cricket, Field Hockey, Track ‘n’ Field Goods. The Company graduated than to producing inflatable balls made of Leather Cover (Latex Bladders) to the present day PU or PVC covers (Butyl Bladders) & introduced many other items during this process. The Indoor (Felt Cover) Soccer ball is a specialized item being made with different brand names for our European & North American markets.




The conventional Hockey Balls with Cork Core (Leather Cover) changed form to present day dimple and PU Coated Balls for adapting to the Astroturf. The whole range of Leather made Protective Equipment is now mostly Foam. This is Resilient, Shock Proof & water resistant. The Field Hockey Sticks changed form & are available these days with Fiberglass, Aramid & Graphite reinforcements.


The Company hit big time in business growth alliancing with international brand names for items like Filedhockey, Cricket, Soccerballs, Rugbyballs, Volleyballs & Handballs. Many additional products like wide range of sports protective equipment, track ’ n’ field, Sports bags & vast array of accessories as outlined on our web pages have been introduced successfully.

The complete Manufacturing process of all our products is totally In-House, thus ensuring Quality Control & ‘No Child Labour’ involvement. We at Konika believe that a child should kick & not stitch.


The Company diversified in the Field of Sports Apparel & Clothing for the various sports purposes. This includes the Cricket/Hockey uniforms, Scrimmage Vests, Athletic Pinnies & other Custom made Clothing.




The Sports Camp Business continues to grow. Components like Scrimmages, Pinnies. Mouthguards, Lanyards & Camper Bags are among top sellers.

Our specialty for producing the merchandise with required specifications, custom logos of events & corporates enables us to take up new challenges ensuring customer satisfaction & positive businesses growth.

Our dedicated logistics department ensures all our shipments via air or sea to meet the delivery deadlines & targeted schedules.